Lisa Webb

Designated Managing Broker

Third Street Realty

“Family First, Family Values making Family Memories”

About Lisa Webb

As the Onwer/Designated Managing Broker of Third Street Realty - it was our mission when we opened our doors to focus on each of our client's as family. Family includes our agents within our brokerage as well.

We believe that our agents deserve to learn how, or to be mentored to grow their business uniquely to them, while following the Third Street Model.  Our brokerage will succeed when our agents succeed.

Our brokerage does specialize in education.  Each process of real estate has a story behind it.  If not educated properly on the process from beginning to end - our client's and or agents risk the chance of falling into a area that could lead to violations of our license laws.

We service from Central to Southern Illinois and our agents will travel to the surrounding counties to make sure you and your family are taken care of. 

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